The Holy Grail: Liz Earle Signature Lipsticks

I’m overjoyed to discover a lipstick which moistures my perpertually dry lips and it is not called Vaseline!

This Summer I finally found my holy grail: Liz Earle Signature Lipsticks.

It’s no secret that I am huge fan of Liz Earle SkinCare. I’ve raved about the products (here) & I cannot stop praising them. I recommend them to anyone who is looking for botanical products made with handpicked natural ingredients & which give effective result. I can now happily recommend the Liz Earle Signature Lipsticks to anyone who have been looking for a lipstick which moistures without prior prepping & offers a choice stunning colours.

Please bear with me: I am not a makeup expert but a girl who loves good quality products & nice packaging (I know…so superfluous!). I might blabber out of excitement – so thanks for reading!

The Signature Lipstick Collections boasts 19 beautiful colours. What makes these lipsticks different from others which I have tried is their unique formula. The moisturing ingredients of  vitamin E, avocado oil and shea butter make Liz Earle Signature lipstick a cross between a lipbalm & a standard lipstick. The best of both world for someone like me who suffers from dry lips all year round.

The 19 shades available are gorgeous. It was a hard to get only 2 but I wanted everyday/work lipstick which I’d be wearing constantly: Tea Rose & Damask Rose. The colours look very pigmented but when applied they are sheer. When I want a deeper shade I simply add more applications.

I love both but I have been using mostly Tea Rose. It matches anything I wear & I’ve nearly used it up. That’s a first for me: I do not think I’ve ever used upa a lipstick:)

The wear time is not very long which is the only negative I can think of. It could be either of these 2 reasons: either because I talk alot (nonstop) & lick my lips way too often, & the other reason I can think of is because I do not use any lipliner (I find that they dry my lips even more).

To see all 19 shades – go to Liz Earle Online Here!

Here’s how Tea Rose & Damask Rose Liz Earle Signature Lipsticks look like:

Liz Earle Lipsticks

Rose Tea & Damask Rose


Liz Earle Tea Rose Lipstick


2 coats – no lipliner

Liz Earle Damask Rose


2 coats – no lip liner

For Autumn/Winter I am loving these 3 deeper shades:

“Soft, muted red. A staple, ‘suits all’ classic red”

“Sheer berry. Wonderful on darker skins for extra impact in the evening”

“A sheer, glossy red). Ideal to create a polished look with a soft shine for evening glamour.”




You can buy the Signature Lipstick Collection from LIZEARLE online store HERE!
International shipping is also available (YIPPIE!)

From the Liz Earle Christmas Collection I am loving the Star Lipstick Box: Perfect for a girl who loves pretty things & lipsticks AND it’s a cute Christmas stocking filler:

(Gosh!! Did I tell you that Christmas is only 10 weeks away?)


liz earle xmas

Christmas Star Beauty Treat with Signature Lipstick
In the photo: colour: Hibiscus
Price: €15.76/£14.00

Which colour do you like best? Have you tried any other Liz Earle products?
Could you recommend other moisturising lipstick?
I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

Angele signature_edited-1 

“She’s applying her lipstick; I’ve always believed that the universe invented the color red solely for Latinas.”
This Is How You Lose Her





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