Where do I start from?

I’ll start by saying a warm hello to my lovely readers and friends! I’m genuinely overwhelmed by the number of emails and messages I received from my readers/friends asking if I was ok and why I stopped blogging. I was truely surprised and so grateful that I was ‘missed’ from the blogosphere. I missed YOU too! (and I’m not just saying!!)

I honestly did not envisage a short planned break from blogging to stretch to an unplanned 3 month hiatus. But life & “big things” happened to our little family, and we embraced it fully.

Today is a hello & I’m back post with an abridged version of the  ‘big things’.

After 11 years working in Luxembourg (3 of which living there) and daily commutes from Germany, Matt and I moved to Brussels, Belgium. In less than a month, we packed our belongings, sold our house and moved to a 2 bedroom apartment. On the 1st of June, I started a new job which is extremely challenging and totally out of my comfort zone, but which I am loving. I will not bore you with work, however I will only add that I finally understand the meaning of ‘job satisfaction’.  Leaving Luxembourg and Germany also meant leaving my adopted family of friends whom I miss daily…but lucky me, I have been blessed with colleagues whom, in such short span of time, I feel I can already call friends – reliable, kind and have me in stitches most of the day!  friends!

And now to “not so big things”; I chopped my hair. The new job is office based and unlike my previous position I had no option to telework. This means daily office-wear planning and the full works before heading out in the morning. Given the choice to spend an extra 20 minutes in bed than trying to tame an extra long head of hair was the obvious route. I asked for a Taylor Swift hairstyle – a sleek and manageable style!  It’s more manageable than Taylor Swift lookalike style – but I’m content with the result. and I gained the extra 20 minutes sleep.

On the other hand, the daily office-wear planning is still pretty unmanageable.  I surprise myself every morning with my outfit choice. The good intentions and will are strong but I still have not completely figured out what are the basics/staples/statement pieces to build the ultimate work wardrobe.

Until I figure it out,  I will share with you what my version of a staple work outfit looks like:

The staple black pair of trousers (Esprit)
The staple black blazer (H&M)
The staple black pumps (Rockport)
The staple black multi function tote (Jet Set – Michael Kors)
The Statement Blouse/Top (Caroll – out of stock) – Similar

The staple fake morning smile:)

office wear with pants 1

Office wear pants and top 2

Office wear with royal blue top 3

Office wear - smart top 4

 PS: I was hesitant whether to share my thoughts or not; but I decided to write them down & share them with you all. Here they go: I  have to be totally honest here – In the past couple of months I had many moments when I totally wanted to quit blogging. I tried to feed myself a million excuses, like ‘I have no decent place to take photos’, to justify quitting. In reality deep down I never wanted to take the decision to quit but I was swarmed with insecurities and negative thoughts about myself; worrying what my ‘new’ friends will think of me; plenty of ‘ifs’ and ‘maybes’.  I thought deep and hard why I started to blog and the answer was simple – for myself and no one else – those who judge me are not my ‘friends’ and so I will not give them the time of  day; insecurities/worries are human feelings & I’m human and I’m not perfect (I’ve added a few too many kilos as a result of ‘trying out’ new restaurants in Brussels – it’s all part of the settling in & familiarising  process , right?!) Anyways, I am back and I truely hope you stick by ….


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  1. says

    We’re so happy that you’re back! And looking so chic too! And we all feel like letting our insecurities get the best of us and quitting sometimes, but like you, I’m doing this for me and for the fun! As long as it keeps being fun, I’m in! Thanks for joining in Fun Fashion Friday and hope to see you again this week!

    Dawn Lucy

  2. Eleni says

    My dear Angele,

    I was thinking of you today, how you’re doing, and then I saw your post:)
    You look so beautiful and radiant!!
    Good luck with your new life, change is always good according to me:).

    Kisses and hugs

  3. Brita says

    Wow! Gorgeous haircut, spot on darling! And keep sampling the restos in Brussels and forget the scales, you haven’t put any weight on. Plenty of new places to take pics babe – starting with the restos. It’s a huge transition that you’ve had to do in such a short time, so -well-done and I’m so excited and happy for you, keep up the good work! Or in the words of Bob Dylan “Be groovy or leave, man”.

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