It’s already 2015?

It’s not a cliche…Time truely flies!

It feels like it was only yesterday that I flew out to Malta to spend Christmas & New Year Holidays with my family & friends; so it’s quite (very) shocking to wake up today & it’s already the 24th of January 2015.

During this lonngggg (unplanned) break from blogging, I reflected on what I’ve learnt & achieved from blogging during 2014, and what I’d like to achieve during 2015! In 2014 I’ve struggled to find enough time to dedicate to blogging, work & personal committees took the frontline. However this year I’m positive that with enough forward planning & my trusted (endless) lists (I love To-Do-Lists) I will be able accomplish my goals. I’ve used this time to make skeleton drafts of future posts & I’ve started working on a few new (fun) projects. So please, do stay tuned!

In 2014 I’ve tried to work on tuning my personal style (still a work in progress!), experimenting with new colours & styles, whilst nurturing my friendships with lovely ladies whom I had the pleasure to ‘meet’ in this crazy & yet so wonderful blogland.

2015 is looking promising. I’ve narrowed the areas I would like to focus on. In 2014 I neglected the WHY I had started the blog: closet remixing & investing in staples.

Hence why this year I’m determined to (1) work my closet to the maximun (day to night outfits) and (2) invest in staples. Would you believe me if I tell you that I do not own a decent pair of black trousers? Infact I have 2 pairs of black pants- a pair is 11 years old (it has a sentimental value!) & looks grey rather than black, the other pair is shapeless & has gone all fluffy (I washed it way too many times). I guess it’s time to focus on the term wardrobe staples, before  going crazy on the new Spring collections…hahah…bad habits die hard!!

The other areas which I’m planning to work on this year are (3) cake decorating & (4) DIY. In 2014, I’ve blogged about a few cakes which I baked & decorated for my friends. I think I will never get used to the overwhelming feeling of gratitude for the trust given by friends to bake & decorate a cake on their special occasion. To be honest I’m not always confident I can deliver the final product to the standard expected; this because I’m self taught (thank you YouTube!) & lack on basic skills. This year I would like to dedicate time to learn & refine certain basic & not-so-basic cake decorating skills. For this reason I’ve been researching (for months on end) which courses would be beneficial for my purpose. I’ve now narrowed the course list to 3 interesting courses, which are held in the UK. Until the first course begins, I will continue practising by decorating cakes for my lovely friends who trust my self-taught cake decorating skills:) Just before Christmas, I decorated 2 cakes for two sweet girls & I’ll be sharing them very soon. I was very chuffed with the outcome, as were the birthday girls (& their mummies)!

I’ve said this before & I’m slightly incredulous that I might have been wrong….I never thought I had a streak of creativeness in my veins. I might have changed my mind since I started my cake decorating journey. I’ve discovered the love for ‘(re-)creating/making’ things from scratch. Lately I’ve taken a fancy to sewing. It started out of guilt. I had a brand new sewing machine, sitting in a cupboard collecting dust & taking space which I desperately begged for, since Christmas 2010. It is shocking that it took me a solid 4 years & abit before taking the plunge & experiment with it.  I’ve started a number of fun & challenging DIY projects. It’s an endless trial & error game (and lots of wasted material), but I’m learning loads & cannot wait to show you what I’ve made so far!

So….that’s my 1st update for the 1st post of 2015…in the meantime, if you are still here (thank you!), I’d love to show my favourite 2014 outfits.

 February: Birthday Reds


March: Pub dinner anyone? Relaxed Outfit


April: Viva Malta & L-Maltin (Viva Malta & The Maltese)


May: Denim for Work!


June: Holiday Month

July: Work & Play Outfits


August: Floral Kimono…Inspired by …


It reflects my personal style: simple, classic & stylish!


October: Chambray for work


November: Black, Ivory & Gold: An Outfit for a Hen’s Night
Another absolute favourite which I re-wore again for New Year’s Eve dinner 2014!


December: Plaid


Which is your favourite outfit?
I’d love to hear from you & thank you for popping by!


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    Loving your style, it’s quite hard to choose a favourite, but I really loved the second outfit a lot. I also need to get myself some spotty tights after seeing yours. And maybe some more blazers! #streetstylesunday

  2. says

    I cannot believe a new year is upon us either. You had a great year of outfits. So many wonderful ways to style jeans. I think my top 3 looks are the stunning burgundy lace dress, the jeans with the burgundy jacket and the jeabs with the white blazer.

    Happy 2015 Angie!


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