A cake for the cutest boy in my life!

Meet my cute nephew Jean!

Can you tell that he was bored out of his mind at church waiting for the Holy Communion Service to start?

Matt captured him yawning and I could not resist sharing these photos with you!

A photo blitz of Jean


Jean 2

Jean 1

In May 2013 Jean had his First Holy Communion. It was such a special day for him and for all of us.

To be honest I think I was more excited than him; as was his mum and grandmother (my mum). I can’t imagine what we will be like when he gets married…seriously we  planned for the day a year ahead. I booked my plane ticket as soon as the date was announced and my sister made me promise that I would do the Holy Communion Cake.

There was a lot of drama involved but in the end it worked out nicely! This cake was the 2nd most challenging one I’ve ever made. Did you see the other one I made? NO?!! You should:) If you would like to have a look: Click here: Check it out!

My sister chose the cake and I was slightly (very) troubled that it might be too complicated to finish. I planned it out and started slowly. The most worrying part (which was then the easiest bit) was the gold colouring of the chalice.

I must confess that I wasted a lot of fondant & €€.  The chalice was a real challenge. I could not find the right form to shape it; and when I did it was impossible to remove it from the form (I used a stainless steel bowl) without breaking it. After 4 attempts I managed to achieve a decent shaped chalice with no breakage:) It took a couple of days to dry completely and painting it was fairly easy (and messy). I used antique gold edible tint from SugarFlair.


Work in progress!


I made the Bible by covering a box (an empty packet of headache tablets) with fondant. After a few days of drying I painted it with pearl edible tint and the side with antique gold tint which I used for the chalice.

I used a mould for the cross which I painted again with antique gold tint and I used letter stamps for the writing on the Bible.



Once dried and dusted I had to find a way to take them to Malta. I was terrified that they would break. I transported them in two boxes wrapped in tissue paper and bubble wrap. I carried them in my hand luggage which I kept under my plane seat. It was the longest journey ever.

Thankfully they arrived at destination in one piece! To say I was relieved is an understatement:)

I baked the actual cake in Malta. My sister wanted a traditional almond cake. I used my mum’s recipe and had to bake 2 cakes because it does not rise enough & one cake was too low. It tasted really good but I did not enjoy working with an almond cake. I prefer the good ‘ole Madeira or Chocolate Cake.

The assembling of the cake took less than 2 hours.

And voila!


The rosary beads have been artfully made my clever mum. She threaded every fondant bead to perfection. I still cannot understand how she managed. According to her it was easy: “Patience, Ange!” she told me. My mum is one clever & artistic lady.

Don’t they look like real rosary beads?



 Apologies for the poor quality of the (Iphone) photos; I publicly blame my sister for being too lazy to send me some professional ones:)

Cheeky Jean with his favourite Aunty at the party!


A serious Jean with his Aunty & Uncle Matt!


Toothless Jean with Auntie & Uncle just before the Holy Communion Service!
He was so chuffed that the Tooth Fairy had just visited & his piggy bank was getting heavier!

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From Malta: Catherine @ CakeCraft
From the UK: IcedInspirations

I like to support small business and I encourage you to check both these retailers. I highly recommend them for their first class service & advice!

Have you baked anything recently?
I would love to hear from you!

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“I suppose I wanted to have my cake and eat it.
But then again, what were you going to do with your cake if not eat it?
Frame it?
Use it as a sachet in your underwear drawer?”


  1. stefania noacco says

    Angele´s cake
    1 cup a lot of talent
    1 cup a lot of interests
    1 cup a lot of curiosity
    and a lot of cup…..and more of love and passion in all what you do….:)

    semplicemente bravissima e grande Doris <3


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